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Cover image for Blessed : a novel
Blessed : a novel
Blessed : a novel
Publication Information:
Lexington, KY : Shadelandhouse Modern Press, 2019.
Physical Description:
238 pages ; 24 cm.
"Grayson Armstrong's vision for a dying church has everyone in small-town Mercy, Kentucky, talking. It's his untimely death, though, that has everyone trying to understand who they thought he was. The story is told by multiple characters whose paths intersect with Grayson: a homeless Vietnam veteran haunted by demons of war; the local diner's young waitress grapppling with her family's dark history; aggrieved and supportive congregants and townspeople confronting change and the power of love and hate; and Grayson's wife and his coming-of-age gay son, struggling to understand their own feelings about Grayson." -- Back cover.
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