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The American experiment : dialogues on a dream
The American experiment : dialogues on a dream
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xii, 450 pages : illustrations (black and white) ; 25 cm
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Includes index.
Introduction / by David M. Rubenstein -- 1. Promise and principle. Jill Lepore on 400 years of American history ; Danielle S. Allen on the Declaration of Independence ; Catherine Brekus on religious freedom ; Donald E. Graham on the first amendment and freedom of the press ; Michael Beschloss on the presidential election of 2020 -- 2. Suffering and sorrow. Philip J. Deloria on Native American history ; Drew Gilpin Faust on death and the Civil War ; Ken Burns on the Vietnam War ; Jack Jacobs on military service -- 3. Restoration and repair. Henry Louis Gates Jr. on Reconstruction ; David W. Blight on Frederick Douglass ; Elaine Weiss on women's suffrage ; Jon Meachem on John Lewis and civil rights -- 4. Invention and ingenuity. Bhu Srinivasan on 400 years of American capitalism ; Walter Isaacson on American innovation ; David McCullough on the Wright Brothers ; Douglas Brinkley on the race to the moon ; Dr. Francis S. Collins on the Human Genome Project and scientific research -- 5. Creation and culture. Wynton Marsalis on jazz, American's national art ; Rita Moreno on the actor's life ; Mark Bradford on the visual arts ; Billie Jean King on tennis and activism ; Cal Ripen Jr. on baseball -- 6. Becoming and belonging. Lillian Faderman on the struggle for gay rights ; Jia Lynn Yang on the history of immigration ; Madeleine K. Albright on being an immigrant ; Sonia Sotomayor on civics and civic education.
Pulitzer Prize-winning historians, diplomats, music legends and sports giants explore the grand American experiment in democracy, culture, innovation and ideas, revealing the setbacks, suffering, invention, ingenuity, and social movements that continue to shape our vision of what America is and what it can be.
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New York : Simon & Schuster, 2021.