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Myths & legends of ancient Egypt
Myths & legends of ancient Egypt
Publication Information:
London, England : Allen Lane, an imprint of Penguin Books, 2010, ©2010.
Physical Description:
xi, 384 pages : illustrations, most of which are in color ; 24 cm
Introduction -- 1: Creation -- Sunrise: the nine Gods of Heliopolis -- Alternative creations -- Sunset -- 2: Destruction -- The death of Osiris -- The contendings of Horus and Seth -- At the end of time -- 3: The great goddesses -- The golden one -- Isis: great of magic -- Warriors and wise women -- 4: Heroes and villains -- Divine kings -- Tales of Gods and men -- A developing mythology.
From Herodotus to The Mummy, Western civilization has long been fascinated with the exotic myths and legends of Ancient Egypt but they have often been misunderstood. Here acclaimed Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley guides us through 3000 years of changing stories and, in retelling them, shows us what they mean. Gathered from pyramid friezes, archaological finds and contemporary documents, these vivid and strange stories explain everything from why the Nile flooded every year to their beliefs about what exactly happened after death and shed fascinating light on what life was like for both rich and poor. Lavishly illustrated with colour pictures, maps and family trees, helpful glossaries explaining all the major gods and timelines of the Pharoahs and most importantly packed with unforgettable stories, this book offers the perfect introduction to Egyptian history and civilization. --Publisher.
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