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On being human : a memoir of waking up, living real, and listening hard
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Beauty Hunting -- Rewrite Your Story -- The Art of Unknowing -- I'm Right Here -- The Disappearing Act -- Where Are You in Your Body Right Now? -- Sisters, Stepfathers, "Friends" -- Fear and Loathing in New York -- Doing and Undoing Pain -- The Just-A Box -- Boys of Summer -- Lessons from The Newsroom -- Yoga Finds Me -- Blast from the Past -- How May I Serve? -- Seen and Heard -- Embracing Change -- It Was in You All Along -- Bringing People Together -- From Connector to Leader -- Fearless-ish -- Gifts, Unexpected and Otherwise -- Bullshit Stories and Other Lies I Believed -- We Must Have Tools -- All Very Normal -- Make Room for the Possible and the Impossible -- What You Need -- The Human Impulse -- I Am a Body -- How to Open -- Little Beauties Everywhere -- I Got You -- The Inner Asshole: Acceptance and Resistance -- Keeping of the Going -- Fathers Everywhere -- Give Yourself a Fucking Medal -- The Art of Knowing and Unknowing.
"An inspirational memoir about how Jennifer Pastiloff's years of waitressing taught her to seek out unexpected beauty, how deafness taught her to listen fiercely, how being vulnerable allowed her to find love, and how imperfections can lead to a life full of wild happiness. Centered around the touchstone stories Jen tells in her popular workshops,On Being Human is the story of how a starved person grew into the exuberant woman she was meant to be all along by battling the demons within and winning. Jen did not intend to become a yoga teacher, but when she was given the opportunity to host her own retreats, she left her thirteen-year waitressing job and said "yes," despite crippling fears of her inexperience and her own potential. After years of feeling depressed, anxious, and hopeless, in a life that seemed to have no escape, she healed her own heart by caring for others. She has learned to fiercely listen despite being nearly deaf, to banish shame attached to a body mass index, and to rebuild a family after the debilitating loss of her father when she was eight. Through her journey, Jen conveys the experience most of us are missing in our lives: being heard and being told, "I got you." Exuberant, triumphantly messy, and brave,On Being Human is a celebration of happiness and self-realization over darkness and doubt. Her complicated yet imperfectly perfect life path is an inspiration to live outside the box and to reject the all-too-common belief of "I am not enough." Jen will help readers find, accept, and embrace their own vulnerability, bravery, and humanness"-- Provided by publisher.

"A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, and Listening Hard"-- Provided by publisher.
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New York City : Dutton, [2019]