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Album of dogs
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106 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
The scot's collie dog -- The merry beagle -- The gentleman boxer -- The misunderstood poodle -- Old sour mug, the bulldog -- The cocking spaniel -- The german shepherd -- Little lion of Peking -- The spotted dog of Dalmatia -- Fox terrier -- Dog with a past -- The pointing dogs: The pointer, The english setter, The irish setter, The gordon setter -- Speaking as a springer -- The labrador, king of retrievers -- Boston terrier -- All american -- The saint bernard, dog of mercy -- Mustard seed, the pet pomeranian -- The great dane -- The tiny pup from Chihuahua -- Herr dobermann's pinscher -- Little die-hard, the scot's terrier -- The arctic sled dogs -- The dachshund -- big enough -- Many purebreds make the mongrel.
Briefly discusses the history and characteristics of twenty-six common dog breeds.
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