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Everyone's Going Triple Bad Acid, Yeah!
Everyone's Going Triple Bad Acid, Yeah!
Get a Head, The Throat, Attraction for the Easy Life, Myths and Legends, Kick Out, Kafka's Dad, Shot by My Own Gun, I Am Fish Eye, Dreadful Sound Engine, Green and Ghostly Land, More Skin and Bone, Mr. Charisma Brain, Barbed Snake Fish Thing, Chewing the Fat, Typical Male Penis, Fireface, Gift of Life, Everything's Brilliant, Cleansed Again, Everything's Brilliant (Version), New Blood for Young Skulls, King Cotton Whiplash, Big Fun Tonight, Kennedy '63, Postdetergent Vaccum Cleaner Man, Day My Universe Changed, Bang!, Snaffleflatch, The Murder of Sister George, Spaceships, 1986, Thank Heavens for the Iron Horse, Sleazeball, Phoney T.V. Repair Man, The Elvis I Knew Was No Junkie, Everyone's Going Triple Bad Acid, Yeah!, Jaw Cracker Fuzz, Mr. Charisma Brain (Live), Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder (W/ Philip Boa's Voodoo Club), Timewarp 1991 (Long Live Trad Rock), Too Fast to Live, Too Fast to Die, Groovy Fuckers, Machine Gun Suk, Dragonfly, Time Warp 1991 (Reprise), Love Your Puppy, Tatty Seaside Town, Viva! Spanish Turncoat, Bulbous Love Child, Electric Storm, Fuck My Old Boots (Robo Cop and Seacombe), John Robb's 91st Nightmare, Long Live the Hooligan!, Punk out Baby, Corn Dolly Fear, (The World Acclaims…) Eternal Protein Man, Bacon Factory, Let's Take the Death Trip, Cheap Male Aggression, Cor Blimey! Ain't England Snidey, Muscles (1987 Version), Great Mistake (1987 Version), All Roads Lead to Norway (1987 Version), Entertaining Friends (1987 Version), Voodoo Chile, Hey Bryn Maer, Tatty Seaside Town (4), Auto Flesh, Space Hopper Ignites, Caretaker Mentality, Life, Death and the Scary Bits in Between, Tuff Veggie Agro, More Than a Kiss, The Freak Flag Remains High, 24 Hour Drinking at Northern Prices, The Vile Antics of Super Yob, A Missive from Couch Potatoe Command, England Expects Every Man to Do His Booty, Growling People, Ice Age, Fashionable Junkies, Almost China, Muscles, All Roads Lead to Norway, Entertaining Friends, Great Mistake, High St Yanks, Funny Old World, The Hitch, Man from Moscow, Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder, All Skin and Bone, Shine on Pumpkin Moon, Big Nose and the Howling Wind, Myths and Legends (Different Version?), The Kiteman, Ice Cream for Crow, Anjie, Big Decision (Slight Return), Wounded Bull in Victorian England
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