Cover image for Catch and kill : lies, spies, and a conspiracy to protect predators
Catch and kill : lies, spies, and a conspiracy to protect predators
Catch and kill : lies, spies, and a conspiracy to protect predators
Physical Description:
xvi, 448 pages ; 25 cm
Prologue -- Part I: Poison Valley. Tape ; Bite ; Dirt ; Button ; Kandahar ; Continental ; Phantoms ; Gun ; Minions ; Mama ; Bloom ; Funny ; Dick -- Part II: White whale. Rookie ; Static ; F.O.H. ; 666 ; Quidditch ; Spiral ; Cult ; Scandal ; Pathfinder ; Candy ; Pause ; Pundit ; Boy ; Altar ; Pavonine -- Part III: Army of spies. Fakakta ; Bottle ; Syzygy ; Hurricane ; Goose ; Letter ; Mimic ; Hunter ; Heist ; Celebrity ; Fallout ; Dinosaur ; Mean -- Part IV: Sleeper. Edify ; Cabal ; Charger ; Nightgown ; Pretexting ; Running ; Gaslight ; Vacuum ; Playmate ; Chupacabra -- Part V: Severance. Circle ; Axiom ; Pegasus ; Melting ; Zdorovie ; Spike ; Launder ; Blacklist -- Epilogue.
In 2017, a routine network television investigation led Ronan Farrow to a story only whispered about: one of Hollywood's most powerful producers was a predator, protected by fear, wealth, and a conspiracy of silence. As Farrow drew closer to the truth, shadowy operatives, from high-priced lawyers to elite war-hardened spies, mounted a secret campaign of intimidation, threatening his career, following his every move, and weaponizing an account of abuse in his own family. All the while, Farrow and his producer faced a degree of resistance they could not explain -- until now. And a trail of clues revealed corruption and cover-ups from Hollywood to Washington and beyond. This is the untold story of the exotic tactics of surveillance and intimidation deployed by wealthy and connected men to threaten journalists, evade accountability, and silence victims of abuse. And it's the story of the women who risked everything to expose the truth and spark a global movement.
Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice:
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2019.