Cover image for Broken stars : contemporary Chinese science fiction in translation
Broken stars : contemporary Chinese science fiction in translation
Broken stars : contemporary Chinese science fiction in translation
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479 pages ; 22 cm
Goodnight, melancholy / Moonlight / Broken stars / Submarines / Salinger and the Koreans / Under a dangling sky / What has passed shall in kinder light appear / The New Year train / The robot who liked to tell tall tales / The snow of Jinyang / The restaurant at the end of the universe: Laba porridge / The first emperor's games / Reflection / The brain box / Coming of the light / A history of future illnesses / A brief introduction to Chinese science fiction and fandom / A new continent for China scholars: Chinese science fiction studies / Science fiction: embarrassing no more
"The stories span the range from short-shorts to novellas, and evoke every hue on the emotional spectrum. Besides stories firmly entrenched in subgenres familiar to Western SFF readers such as hard SF, cyberpunk, science fantasy, and space opera, the anthology also includes stories that showcase deeper ties to Chinese culture: alternate Chinese history, chuanyue time travel, satire with historical and contemporary allusions that are likely unknown to the average Western reader. While the anthology makes no claim or attempt to be "representative" or "comprehensive," it demonstrates the vibrancy and diversity of science fiction being written in China at this moment."
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New York : A Tor Book published by Tom Doherty Associates, 2019.

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