Cover image for Low-mess crafts for kids : 72 projects to create your own magical worlds
Low-mess crafts for kids : 72 projects to create your own magical worlds
Low-mess crafts for kids : 72 projects to create your own magical worlds
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191 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
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Includes index.
My secret garden -- Under the sea -- Summer at the beach -- Animals at the zoo -- Little monsters puppet show -- On the road -- Exploring outer space -- Let's go camping -- Fairy tale dress up -- List of supplies for each chapter.

Building up your Craft Stash - Glue Guns and Kids: A Note to Grownups... -- My Secret Garden : Paper Roll Fairy House - Pipe Cleaner Flower Fairy - Simple Paper Daisies - Craft Stick Fairy Door - Sparkly Pom Pom Dragonflies - Folded Paper Pine Trees - Folded Paper Butterflies - Painted Rock Toadstools -- Under The Sea : Paper Roll Octopus - Clothespin Shark - Plastic Spoon Mermaid - Folded Ribbon Fish - Coral Reef with DIY Crystals - Plastic Cup Whale - Cupcake Liner Jelly Fish - Painted Rock Sea Turtle -- Summer At The : Beach Cork Sail Boat - Beaded Pipe Cleaner People - Tissue Paper Beach Umbrella - Glass Bead Crabs - Washi Tape Beach Bag - Straw Weaving Beach Towel - Craft Foam Surfboard - Painted Sea Shell Clams -- Animals At The Zoo : Paper Roll Lion - Foam Cup Zebra - Pipe Cleaner Monkey - Pipe Cleaner Flamingo - Paper Roll Elephant - Paper Roll Giraffe - Mini Paper Penguins - Folded Paper Peacock -- Little Monsters Puppet Show : Wiggly Worm Puppet : Fuzzy Friend Sock Puppet - Simple Folded Paper Puppets - Pom Pom Hand Puppets - Winter Glove Monster Puppet - Rubber Glove Dragon Puppet - Dancing Ostrich Marionette - Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets -- On the Road : Paper Roll Cars - Candy Box Traffic Lights - Tissue Box Fire Truck - Shampoo Bottle Gas Station - 2D Wheelie Police Cars - Simple Paper Street Signs - Poster Board Road Track - Snowy Mountain Cardboard Tunnel -- Exploring Outer Space : Paper Roll Rocket Ship - Peg Doll Astronauts - Plastic Bottle Alien - Paper Plate Flying Saucer - Planet Sun Catchers - Glittering Space Rocks - Upcycled CD Saturn Model - Sparkly Star Mobile -- Let's Go Camping : Tissue Paper Campfire - Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snake - Craft Stick Camping Family - Craft Stick Tent - Paper Roll Frog - Craft Stick Picnic Table - Easy Paper Cone Trees - Simple Quilled Ladybug -- Fairy Tate Dress Up : Pipe Cleaner Crown - Magic Potion Bottle - Glittery Magic Wand - Woodland Creature Hairbands - Jewelled Ribbon Necklace - Sparkly Unicorn Horn Hat - Glimmering Cardboard Magic Mirror - Flower Wreath Headband.
Offers seventy-two handicraft projects that can be made individually or in groups to create different scenes, from underwater creatures to a fairy tale dress-up.
Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice:
Salem, MA : Page Street Publishing Co., 2018.

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