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Annie's Christmas wish
Annie's Christmas wish
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299 pages ; 22 cm.
Ever since her stepmother brought her a snow globe of the New York City skyline, Annie has wanted to visit the beautiful, big city. Since the time of her rumschpringe is nearing, the family decides a visit is a good idea. But others are not as thrilled with her interest in the Big Apple. Aaron has long been attracted to Annie and is sure he is in love. As he watches her engage in big city life, he grows concerned that she will not want to return to their quieter life. Will Annie follow Aaron back home? Or stay and pursue her dreams? Competing for her attention, Aaron sets out to show Annie that Christmas is not about the glitz and glamour, but about family, love, and the birth of Jesus.
Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice:
Nashville, Tenn. : Abingdon Press, [2013]

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