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Yotsuba &! vol. 8
Yotsuba &! vol. 8
Publication Information:
New York : Yen ; London : Little, Brown [distributor], 2010.
Physical Description:
214 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm
#49. Opposites -- #50. The restaurant -- #51. The cultural festival -- #52. The typhoon -- #53. Watching the house -- #54. The festival -- #55. Acorns.
"The ranch wasn't fun, huh? But maybe festivals will be less funner?! (Yotsuba's playing opposites, ha-ha!) Yotsuba got uninvited to Fuuka's school for a culr-- a clart-- a cultural festival! And she didn't promise Yotsuba there wouldn't be CAKE! Yotsuba doesn't want a cake as biiiiiig as Jumbo, nope!! You wouldn't either, now would you?! Ohhh! And then, and then! There ISN'T gonna be a great big festival for the whole town to go to! And Yotsuba isn't gonna work hard and help out there with Ena and Fuuka, nuh-uh! Not even for candy, nooooo way!"--Publisher description.