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Whirlwind : the American Revolution and the war that won it
Whirlwind : the American Revolution and the war that won it
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xxii, 409 pages, 16 pages of unnumbered plates : illustrations (some color), maps ; 25 cm
"I am a Briton": on the brink -- "Loyal but jealous of their liberties": changes in imperial policy and the colonists' thinking, 1759-1766 -- "A plan for governing and quieting them": the second great crisis, 1767-1770 -- "I am unwilling to give up that duty on America": to the Tea Party, 1770-1773 -- "Behold America where matters are driving": 1774, year of momentous decisions -- "Blows must decide whether they are to be subject to this country": the war begins -- "Great Britain is equal to the contest": war brings crucial changes in 1775 -- "The birthday of a new world": America declares independence -- "The American cause is in a critical situation": the New York Campaign in 1776 -- "Across America in a hop, step, and a jump": the campaigns of 1777 -- "The central stone in the geometrical arch": the war is transformed in 1778 -- "The longest purse will win the war": reform at home while the war takes a new turn -- "Whom can we trust now?": a year of disasters, 1780 -- "A war of desolation shocking to humanity": the southern theater in 1780-1781 -- "We have got Cornwallis in a pudding bag": the decisive victory at Yorktown -- "Oh god, it is all over": peace, conspiracy, demobilization, change, 1781-1783.
Written in the authoritative and narrative-driven style that has made his books critical and commercial successes, John Ferling's Whirlwind will become the definitive history of the American Revolution for our time. This master historian illuminates the years 1763 to 1783--from the end of the French and Indian War that left England triumphant in North America to the signing of the Treaty of Paris and the final departure of British troops from New York City. Embracing characters both celebrated and unknown, Ferling chronicles the myriad and complex events and contentious viewpoints that drove Americans in their insurgency against Great Britain and sustained them in the seemingly quixotic belief that they could win their independence. He takes us to the halls of power in Parliament and the streets of London to view the Revolution from British perspectives. He presents the individual battles--from Lexington and Concord to Yorktown---in a fresh and dramatic new light. With a wide scope and insight, John Ferling brings the most important event in America's long history to a new generation of American readers.--From publisher description.
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