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The encyclopedia of drawing techniques
The encyclopedia of drawing techniques
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160 pages : illustrations (chiefly colour) ; 22 cm.
Introduction -- Basic techniques and materials -- Drawing methods - Building up colour (color) -- Choosing the right paper -- 1. Monochrome media -- Pencils and graphite -- Holding pencils -- combining grades -- Charcoal -- Linear drawing -- Tonal drawing -- Lifting out -- Conte -- Crayons and pencil -- Working on toned paper -- Pen and ink -- Drawing implements -- Line and tone -- Brush and ink -- Drawing with a brush -- Blot drawing -- White on black -- Scraperboard -- 2. Colour (color) media -- Pastels -- Drawing with pastels -- Blending and colour (color) mixing -- Paper colour (color) -- Vignetting -- Paper texture -- Making corrections -- Wet brushing -- Oil pastels -- Using oil pastels -- Overlaying colours (colors) -- Blending with spirit -- Sgraffito -- Coloured (colored) pencils -- Pencil choices -- Building up colours (colors) and tones -- Paper choices -- Transparent surfaces -- Blending -- Burnishing -- Scratching back -- Squaring up -- Frottage -- Impressing -- Water-soluble pencils -- Line and wash -- Coloured (colored) inks -- Inks and markers -- Overlaying colours (colors) -- 3. Mixed media -- Line and wash -- Pen and wash -- Pencil and watercolour (watercolor) -- Watercolour (watercolor) and coloured (colored) pencils -- Watercolour (watercolor) and pastel -- Resist techniques -- Masking fluid -- Masking tape -- Wax/oil resist -- Oil pastel and ink -- Unusual techniques -- Wash-off -- Ink and bleach -- Conté and oil bar -- Collage -- Drawing over paper shapes -- Drawing with torn paper -- Home printmaking -- Handmade monoprints -- Colour (color) monoprints -- 4. Digital drawing -- The basics -- Tools and materials -- Drawing and painting media -- Beyond the basics -- Filters and effects -- Layers and selections -- Working with photographs -- 5. Themes -- Basic skills -- Composition -- Keeping a sketchbook -- Choosing the medium -- The human figure -- Weight and balance -- Seated and reclining figures -- Clothed figures -- Portrait studies -- Landscape and urban themes -- Composing a landscape -- Trees -- Landscape details -- Buildings -- Still life and interiors -- Still life set-ups -- Interiors as still life -- Floral still life -- Nature -- Plants and flowers -- Animals and birds.
Detailed photographic sequences explore pencil, charcoal, pen and technical pen techniques, including shading, building up, blending, hatching, highlighting, stippling and more. Colored pencils, chalks, pastels, and pen and ink are also covered with inspirational pictures across a full range of subject matter, including landscapes, buildings, figures, animals, flowers and still life. Techniques are discussed in detail including layering, feathering, burnishing, linear marks and pointillism. The use of paint and brushes is less obvious in a book on drawing, but there are some techniques in which the brush is used to create a line, or to infill a linear shape. These techniques are discussed as well with Gallery examples shown throughout to act as inspiration for the practicing artist. Sequences on mixed media, keeping a sketchbook and digital drawing are included too, making this book an invaluable addition to any artists book shelves.
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Tunbridge Wells : Search Press, 2014.
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Includes index.

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