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Success through stillness : meditation made simple
Success through stillness : meditation made simple
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viii, 209 pages ; 19 cm
Why meditate? The path to happiness ; The making of a meditator -- Why you think you can't meditate. I don't have time ; I'm no good at it ; I don't have anywhere to meditate ; God doesn't want me meditating ; Whether you like it or not -- The physical benefits of meditation. change your brain, change your life ; How meditation helps your body -- Living up to your potential. The power of the present ; Finding your focus ; The heaviness of success and failure ; Finding calm and balance ; Cultivating creativity ; Getting unstuck ; Meditation over medication ; Life without judgment ; The power of compassion -- How to meditate. Trust the process.
"Master entrepreneur, original hip-hop mogul, and New York Times bestselling author Russell Simmons shares the most fundamental key to success--meditation--and guides readers to use stillness as a powerful tool to access their potential. In the New York Times bestseller Super Rich, Russell Simmons proved that to be rich is more than just having money in the bank--wealth is about balance, joy, and conscientious living. In Success Through Stillness, Simmons shows the connection between inner peace and outward success through interviews with other successful leaders in various industries, and how learning to be still has been instrumental in his own career. Simmons attributes his meditation practice with changing his life for the better and says that there is no "bad" way to meditate, only different forms for different people. In this highly anticipated new book, Russell Simmons guides readers into finding greater clarity and focus, and explains how to be healthier in both mind and body. Simmons breaks down what he's learned from masters of meditation into a guide that is accessible to those unfamiliar with the practice"-- Provided by publisher.
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