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Auto repair for dummies
Auto repair for dummies
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Hoboken, NJ : Wiley Publishing, 2009.
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xxii, 530 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Introduction -- PART I: GETTING TO KNOW YOUR VEHICLE: Things every driver should know -- Preventive maintenance: a monthly under-the-hood check -- The way to your car's heart is through the toolbox -- What makes it go? The inner secrets of your car revealed! -- PART II: POWERING UP WITH AIR, FUEL, AND FIRE: The electrical system: your car's spark of life -- Keeping your electrical system in tune -- The traditional fuel systems: the heart and lungs of your car -- Keeping your fuel system in tune -- Diesels for dummies -- From horses to hybrids: alternatively powered vehicles -- PART III: STAYING COOL AND IN CONTROL: The cooling system up close -- Keeping your care from getting heartburn -- Oil: keeping your car young and happy -- It's the brakes! -- Be a buddy to your brakes and bearings -- PART IV: SMOOTHING THE RIDE: STEERING AND SUSPENSION, TIRES AND TRANSMISSIONS: Steering and suspension systems smooth the way -- How to keep your car from getting sore feet: tires, alignment, and balancing -- Take the drive train: understanding and maintaining your transmission without losing your mind -- PART V: STAYING SAFE AND DEALING WITH EMERGENCIES: Staying safe on the road -- Troubleshooting leaks, squeaks, smells, and strange sensations -- What to do if your car drops dead or won't start -- When all else fails: finding and dealing with a good mechanic --PART VI: HELPING YOUR VEHICLE LOOK ITS BEST: Keeping your vehicle clean and beautiful -- Bodywork: getting rid of dings, dents, and other hard knocks -- PART VII: THE PART OF TENS: The ten most important preventive maintenance measures -- Ten "eco-logical" ways to save fuel -- APPENDIX A: A practical glossary of automotive terms -- APPENDIX B: Specifications and maintenance records.
A reference guide covering the many parts of a vehicle provides step-by-step instructions for automotive repair and maintenance, as well as a list of ten important preventive maintenance measures and ten ways to save fuel.
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Includes index.