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Love is a mix tape : life and loss, one song at a time
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New York : Three Rivers Press, 2007.
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224 p. ; 21 cm.
Rumblefish -- Hey Jude -- Roller boogie -- Tape 635 -- Love makes me do foolish things -- Big star : for Renee -- Sheena was a man -- Personics -- A little down, a little duvet -- That's entertainment -- The comfort zone -- Dancing with myself -- How I got that look -- 52 girls on film -- Crazy feeling -- Paramount Hotel -- Mmmrob -- Hypnotize -- Jackie blue -- Glossin' and flossin' -- Blue Ridge gold -- Via Vespucci.
In the 1990s, when "alternative" was suddenly mainstream, bands like Pearl Jam and Pavement, Nirvana and R.E.M.--bands that a year before would have been too weird for MTV- were MTV. It was the decade of Kurt Cobain and Shania Twain and Taylor Dayne, a time that ended all too soon. The boundaries of American culture were exploding, and music was leading the way. It was also when a shy music geek named Rob Sheffield met a hell-raising Appalachian punk-rock girl named Renée, who was way too cool for him but fell in love with him anyway. They had nothing in common except that they both loved music. Music brought them together and kept them together. And it was music that would help Rob through a sudden, unfathomable loss. --publisher
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Originally published in hardcover: New York : Crown, 2007.

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