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American smooth : poems
American smooth : poems
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New York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2004.
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143 p. ; 22 cm.
All souls' -- "I have been a stranger in a strange land" -- Fox trot Fridays -- Ta ta cha cha -- Quick -- Brown -- Fox -- Heart to heart -- Cozy apologia -- Soprano -- Two for the Montrose drive-in -- Meditation at fifty yards, moving target -- American smooth -- The castle walk -- The passage -- Noble sissle's horn -- Alfonzo prepares to go over the top -- La Chapelle. 92nd Division. Ted -- Variation on reclamation -- The return of Lieutenant James Reese Europe -- Ripont -- Chocolate -- Bolero -- Hattie McDaniel arrives at the coconut grove -- Samba summer -- Blues in half-tones, 3/4 time -- Describe yourself in three words or less -- The seven veils of Salomé -- From your valentine -- Rhumba -- The sisters: swansong. -- Evening primrose -- Reverie in open air -- Sic itur ad astra -- Count to ten and we'll be there -- Eliza, age 10, Harlem -- Lullaby -- Driving through -- Desert backyard -- Desk dreams -- Now -- Against flight -- Looking up from the page, I am reminded of this mortal coil.
Poetry celebrates America's cultural heritage with pieces about such topics as World War I's African-American jazz band, a Harlem girl's examination of adult flirting behaviors, and the first African-American Oscar winner.

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