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Sci-Fi and Fantasy that are actually re-readable

by drifta6662000 | 4 items

Dune by Frank Herbert Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore The Halfling's Gem by R.A. Salvatore Weaveworld by Clive Barker

Created on: April 10, 2015

BKLYN BookMatch: Robertson Davies Read-Alikes

by BklynKatyaS | 10 items

For fans of Canadian author Robertson Davies. These titles all have something in common with Davies' work--deftly observed humorous social commentary, observations on the creative spirit, theatrical musings, and/or a frank intellectual interest in the soul and the mystical. This list may also int...

Created on: September 03, 2014

BKLYN BOOKMATCH: World Takeover Sci-Fi, History, Religion

by johannarlewis | 6 items

Created for a reader who enjoys history, religion, novels, and the sci-fi/mystery writer Frank Schaetzing

Created on: December 18, 2018

BKLYN BookMatch for a fan of Frank Kimmel, Dean Koontz, Charles deLint etc.

by BklynDanielleS | 8 items

This list was created by a librarian with the Brooklyn Public Library for a reader. Would you like your own personalized list of reading suggestions? Visit Bklyn BookMatch, here:

Created on: January 25, 2019

frank (MYLIST-26)

by Patron337879 | 3 items

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Created on: March 25, 2020

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by Shaka_Zulu_Female | 201 items

Miller, Frank, 1957-\Gibbons, Dave, 1949- \McKie, Angus. Smith, Robin.\\Angelica Bridges, Bridgette Nielson, Grace Jones,

Created on: January 02, 2020

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by ARockLife | 10 items

Mysteries with Joe and Frank

Created on: September 30, 2011

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by dlevy2f | 6 items

Created on: July 16, 2011

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by violet_bird_430 | 5 items

Gus Makes a Friend by Frank Remkiewicz

Created on: January 07, 2012

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by Ycasado27 | 5 items

Jacquelyn Frank Series

Created on: October 01, 2012