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by BKLYNKathyG | 4 items

Explore Mexico with books on its culture, history and favorite sport!

Created on: February 21, 2018

Family Storytime @ TC [Aug. 29 & Sept. 5, 2013] - BACK TO SCHOOL!!! xD

by happyphi | 15 items

It's that joyful and exciting time of the year to go BACK TO SCHOOL to meet some new friends and teachers! Learning new things and meeting new people are some of the best experiences for your children, so don't put down those reading books, because they will help you see your world very differently...

Created on: September 03, 2013

Celebrating the Lunar New Year

by BklynJessicaN | 38 items

The Lunar New Year is an important festival celebrated in East Asia, in countries including China, South Korea, and Vietnam. In China, the Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, begins with the first new moon of the Lunar calendar and ends, 15 days later, with the first full moon of the...

Created on: February 09, 2021

Family Storytime @ TC May 18 & 23, 2013 - GOOD MANNERS!!!

by happyphi | 12 items

Good manners are crucial to have for everyone of all ages, especially for children who are still developing and learning new concepts everyday. People with good manners are very well likeable by all. Parents are the BEST teachers to their children, for they know them very well and can teach them goo...

Created on: May 24, 2013

Korean Drama 2012

by itz_digiana | 4 items

Korean Drama from TVN, Channel A, JTBC

Created on: July 24, 2013

Can't Have Romance without the Drama

by BookMatchLibrarian | 19 items


Created on: January 08, 2016

BKLYN BookMatch Family Drama Fiction

by BookMatchLibrarian | 5 items

For the patron who needs a bit of drama

Created on: November 04, 2015

scifi senior adventure and drama

by BklynKatyaS | 6 items

6 books with a mix of Sci-fi adventure and drama books

Created on: April 03, 2018

Bklyn Bookmatch: YA, Fantasy, Drama

by achayford | 5 items

A combination of YA, Fantasy, and Drama for a Bookmatch patron.

Created on: July 09, 2018

BKLYNBookMatch: Unreliable Narrators, Drama and Magic (OH MY)

by BKLYNLibrarian | 5 items

This list was created by a librarian with the Brooklyn Public Library for a reader. This list was designed for fans of: True Crime, Unreliable Narrators, and Magic with just a dash of Drama. Would you like your own personalized list of reading suggestions? Visit Bklyn BookMatch, here: www.bklynlibra...

Created on: January 02, 2020