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BKLYN Bike the Branches Books for Children and Teens

by BPL_YFS | 31 items

Read all about bicycles and transportation as you prepare to join us for Bike the Branches. It's a fun one-day bike ride where you can discover our borough in an exciting way and support Brooklyn Public Library at the same time!

Created on: April 22, 2014


by MPLSTAFFPICKS | 24 items

Created on: May 20, 2015

Imported from My Lists: Poetry

by cappidave | 21 items

Education supplements: handbooks, anthologies, and instructional guides about poetry

Created on: August 05, 2011

How to write (better)

by BKLYNChrsm | 10 items

Whether you're taking an exam, or want to hone your craft, here's a collection of manuals, essays, and general advice on finding le bon mot or developing style.

Created on: June 28, 2016

Nature Manuals

by usmanub3 | 11 items

Created on: February 19, 2020

Has non-traditional religious concepts

by devorah1231 | 5 items

A new explanation for how this world works, gives the impression that there are gods, etc, tries to explain Heaven, has explanations about/for other religions, etc.

Created on: August 11, 2016

Imported from My Lists: DVD etc.: Fitness, BMI, Fun Workouts

by Shaka_Zulu_Female | 631 items

All of My Fitness Trainers For FREE! \DANCE Yoga, Martial Arts,\Pilates,Aerobics, Cross Training, Free Weights etc.\

Created on: July 03, 2019

Imported from My Lists: Bio, Mem, etc

by Patron66842 | 25 items

biographies, memoirs, reflections, essays,\Reminiscence, etc.

Created on: September 14, 2020

Health Books

by MzLed | 13 items

Health, Healthy Cooking, Living, etc

Created on: August 17, 2013

Religion etc.

by ferretfinder | 9 items

Created on: June 06, 2015