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The Day the Music Died

by Elliot S. | 20 items

Books on musicians who are no longer with well a few other interesting books for the music fan in you. Enjoy!

Created on: January 31, 2020

Books on Writing for Grammar Day

by BklynMelissaM | 11 items

Created on: March 03, 2020

The Cover Was Green

by BKLYNKarenK | 25 items

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, an round-up of books with green-ish covers. Suggestions for kids, teens, and grown-ups.

Created on: March 17, 2020

Memorial Day 2020 Reading List

by BklynMarkD | 17 items

Outstanding tales of American soldiers and sacrifice, in ebook form.

Created on: May 21, 2020

Teen Reads for Disability Awareness Day (July 14th)!

by BKLYNJesG | 26 items

This booklist features books for teens that have characters with disabilities.

Created on: July 13, 2020

BKLYN Reads: Books to Share with Kids for Disability Awareness Day

by BKLYNRebeccaSea | 16 items

Fiction and Nonfiction books for children and middle grade readers featuring individuals living with disabilities.

Created on: July 24, 2020

Lazzzy Day Reads

by CPLvanessa | 23 items

Created on: August 13, 2020

BKLYN Picture Books that Rhyme

by BklynKSavage | 14 items

Favorite picture books that rhyme, day or night or any time!

Created on: August 31, 2020

Fashion History of Color

by Patron346637 | 35 items

The narrative of fashion in the context of People of Color. From its beginning to modern day.

Created on: September 21, 2020

YA Books for Bisexual Visibility Day! (9/23)

by BKLYNJesG | 15 items

For readers interested in YA novels with bisexual characters. This list was created by a librarian with the Brooklyn Public Library for a reader. Would you like your own personalized list of reading suggestions? Visit BKLYN BookMatch here:

Created on: September 23, 2020