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Books that don't have boring stretches (my favorites)

I have adhd, and can't take books that don't keep the plot moving! I didn't put in harry potter because that's a given.

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Lord Loss

by Darren Shan. |


Cirque du Freak

by Darren Shan. |

what an author!


Mark Walden. |

very good book

Tim, defender of the Earth!

by Sam Enthoven. |

Great book! Surprisingly this book has not been "discovered" by the world yet.

Diary of a wimpy kid

by Jeff Kinney. |

Very funny!


D.J. MacHale. |

The author of pendragon... Need I say more?

The alchemyst

Michael Scott. |

Very good book


Brandon Mull. |

Amazing, amazing book!

The hypnotists

Gordon Korman. |

How does korman come out with such good books in such a rapid fire way?!

Artemis Fowl

Eoin Colfer. |

Great book!