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The computer and the brain

John von Neumann ; with a foreword by Ray Kurzweil. |

Dark hero of the information age

Flo Conway & Jim Siegelman. |

The 900 days

Harrison E. Salisbury ; new introduction by the author. |

AI for game developers

David M. Bourg and Glenn Seemann. |

Lipstick traces

Greil Marcus. |

Please kill me

Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain. |

The Glenn Gould reader

edited and with an introduction by Tim Page. |

Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould ; edited by John P. L. Roberts and Ghyslaine Guertin. |


Giovanni Civardi. |

Dreaming the future

Clifford A. Pickover. |

Magic and witchcraft

Nevill Drury. |

You are being lied to

edited by Russ Kick. |

Everything you know is wrong

edited by Russ Kick. |

The ultimate guide to video game writing and design

Flint Dille and John Zuur Platten. |

The message of the Sphinx

Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval. |


Graham Hancock. |


Graham Hancock ; photographs by Santha Faiia. |

"Behold a pale horse"

Milton William Cooper. |

Lectures & conversations on aesthetics, psychology, and religious belief

L. Wittgenstein ; compiled from notes taken by Yorick Smythies, Rush Rhees and James Taylor ; edited by Cyril Barrett. |

The sign and the seal

Graham Hancock. |

Life incorporated

Douglas Rushkoff. |

Glenn Gould

Kevin Bazzana. |

Glenn Gould

Peter Ostwald. |

The math book

Clifford A. Pickover. |

From chocolate to morphine

Andrew Weil and Winifred Rosen. |

Lies my teacher told me

James W. Loewen. |

The god particle

Leon Lederman ; with Dick Teresi. |

The elegant universe

Brian Greene. |

The varieties of religious experience

by William James ; edited with an introduction by Martin E. Marty. |

The annotated Turing

Charles Petzold. |

Death by black hole

Neil deGrasse Tyson. |

The posthuman Dada guide

Andrei Codrescu. |

Gothic histories

Clive Bloom. |

Losing the news

Alex S. Jones. |

Time travel in Einstein's universe

J. Richard Gott, III. |

Keys to infinity

Clifford A. Pickover. |

The hidden reality

by Brian Greene. |

Turing's cathedral

George Dyson. |

Buckminster Fuller

edited by Thomas T.K. Zung. |

The essential Turing

edited by B. Jack Copeland. |

Ending aging

Aubrey de Grey ; with Michael Rae. |