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History II

various subjects.

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Manifest destinies

Laura E. Gâomez. |

Dreaming in color, living in black and white

[compiled by] Laurel Holliday. |

Coming apart

Charles Murray. |

Black in White America

Leonard Freed ; with a foreword by Brett Abbott. |

Politics is a joke!

S. Robert Lichter, George Mason University, Jody C. Baumgartner, East Carolina University , Jonathan S. Morris, East Carolina University. |

Glued to the set

Steven D. Stark. |

Soul food

Adrian Miller. |

Chinese lessons

John Pomfret. |

Sky kings

by Bijan C. Bayne. |


Mary E. Williams, book editor. |

Black power TV

Devorah Heitner. |

The secret histories

edited by John S. Friedman ; [with a foreword by James Carroll]. |