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Imported from My Lists: Various historical lessons NOT LEARNED AND DISREGARDED.

Various ... lessons disregarded by those present who do NOT want to do better than their predecessors.

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Mama Rock's rules

Rose Rock with Valerie Graham. |

When germs travel

Howard Markel. |


Ben Mezrich. |


Adam Garfinkle. |

Victimized daughters

Janet Liebman Jacobs. |

The obsidian mirror

Louise M. Wisechild ; [preface by Laura Davis]. |


Kathryn Harrison ; prze±oçzy± Mariusz Ferek. |

The mother I carry

Louise M. Wisechild. |

Intimate politics

Bettina F. Aptheker. |

Repair your life

Margorie McKinnon. |

A plena luz

Ouainâe Bain y Maureen Sanders ; traducciâon de Fâelix Marcos Bermejo. |

Silently seduced

by Kenneth M. Adams. |

Silently seduced

Kenneth M. Adams. |


Halszka Opfer. |


Halszka Opfer. |

Kogda venetsëiìa papa--

Toni Maguaæir ; [perevod s angliæiskogo O.L. Tabunovoæi]. |

Virginia Woolf

Louise DeSalvo. |

Love affair

Leslie Kenton. |

The fallen angel

David Hewson. |

The fallen angel

David Hewson. |

No secrets, no lies

Robin D. Stone. |

Daddy's girl

by Debbie Drechsler. |

Before the knife

Carolyn Slaughter. |

Thou shalt not be aware

by Alice Miller ; translated from the German by Hildegarde and Hunter Hannum ; with a preface by Lloyd deMause and a new introduction by the author. |

In the Freud Archives

Janet Malcolm. |

The common secret

Ruth S. and C. Henry Kempe. |

How long does it hurt?

Cynthia L. Mather with Kristina E. Debye illustrations by Judy Wood ; foreword by Eliana Gil. |

Silent shame

Renitta L. Goldman, Virginia R. Wheeler. |

Sexual abuse of children

edited by Wayne M. Holder. |

Most evil

Steve Hodel with Ralph Pezzullo. |

Incest as child abuse

Brenda J. Vander Mey and Ronald L. Neff ; foreword by Norman K. Denzin. |

Father-daughter incest

Judith Lewis Herman with Lisa Hirschman ; with a new afterword. |

Conspiracy of silence

by Sandra Butler. |

Faith born of seduction

Jennifer Manlowe. |

That's how I roll

Andrew Vachss. |

That's how I roll

Andrew Vachss. |

That's how I roll

Andrew Vachss. |

Nobel genes

Rune Michaels. |


by Elizabeth Hand. |

Incest, confronting the silent crime

coordinated by Peggy Specktor, Sharon Sayles, Shari Lynn Burt ; edited by Linda Muldoon. |


Karin C. Meiselman. |

The kiss

Kathryn Harrison. |

Dois irmäaos

Milton Hatoum. |


Paramount. |