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The mountain

David L. Golemon. |

7000 islands

by Yasmin Newman. |

Eva's eye

Karin Fossum ; translated from the Norwegian by James Anderson. |

Killer's island

Anna Jansson ; translation by Paul Norlâen. |

Swords of good men

Snorri Kristjansson. |

The sword of maiden's tears

Rosemary Edghill. |

Neue cuisine

Kurt Gutenbrunner ; written with Jane Sigal, research by Helen Freund ; photography by Ellen Silverman. |


Karen Traviss. |


Karen Traviss. |


[Karen Traviss ... et al.]. |

Gears of war

Karen Traviss. |

Order 66

Karen Traviss. |

Saturn's children

Charles Stross. |

Blood rules

Christine Cody. |

The hydrogen sonata

Iain M. Banks. |

The Jennifer morgue

Charles Stross. |

The revolution business

Charles Stross. |

Caliban's war

James S.A. Corey. |

Ice and shadow

Andre Norton. |

Fate of worlds

Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner. |


Mira Grant. |

Flandry's legacy

Poul Anderson ; compiled by Hank Davis. |

Rule 34

Charles Stross. |


Edward M. Lerner. |

The quantum thief

Hannu Rajaniemi. |

The weapon

Michael Z. Williamson. |

The eternal tide

Kirsten Beyer. |

Bowl of heaven

Gregory Benford and Larry Niven. |


Ann Aguirre. |

Only superhuman

Christopher L. Bennett. |


M.D. Lachlan. |


M. D. Lachlan. |


Mari Jungstedt ; [translated by Tiina Nunnally]. |

Cell 8

Anders Roslund and Bèorge Hellstrèom. |

The hurricane party

Klas èOstergren ; translated from the Swedish by Tiina Nunnally. |

The last good man

A.J. Kazinski ; translated from the Danish by Tiina Nunnally. |

The caller

Karin Fossum ; translated from the Norwegian by K.E. Semmel. |

A clockwork orange

Anthony Burgess ; edited with an introduction and notes by Andrew Biswell. |

Rapture of the nerds

Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross. |

The lost fleet

Jack Campbell. |

Strudel stories

Joanne Rocklin. |

The apple lover's cookbook

Amy Traverso ; photographs by Squire Fox. |

An apple harvest

Frank Browning and Sharon Silva. |

The pigeon pie mystery

Julia Stuart. |

The beast master

by Andre Norton. |

Moonsinger's quest

Andre Norton. |

Star flight

Andre Norton. |