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various books about philosophy and how it affects our lives.

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The emotion machine

Marvin Minsky. |

The great divide

Peter Watson. |

Indian mythology

by Jim Ollhoff. |

Nourishing the essence of life

translated with an introduction by Eva Wong. |

The face reader

Patrician McCarthy. |

The way of the world

translated and edited by Thomas Cleary. |

Tao II

Zhi Gang Sha. |

Original Tao

Harold D. Roth. |

Tao Te Ching

Lao-Tzu and Takuan Såohåo ; translated from Chinese and Japanese by Thomas Cleary. |

The Jesus Sutras

Martin Palmer, in association with Eva Wong ... [et al.]. |

Toward 2012

edited by Daniel Pinchbeck & Ken Jordan. |

The human experience

Grassroots Films presents ; written by Michael Campo ; produced by Joseph Campo ; directed by Charles Kinnane. |

Philosophy for beginners

by Richard Osborne ; illustrated by Ralph Edney. |

Meditations on first philosophy

Renâe Descartes ; translated with an introduction and notes by Michael Moriarty. |

Jewish philosophy

Raphael Jospe. |

Terminator and philosophy

edited by Richard Brown and Kevin S. Decker. |

Jimmy Buffett and philosophy

edited by Erin McKenna and Scott L. Pratt. |

Greek philosophy

Sophia Macdonald. |

Iron Man and philosophy

edited by Mark D. White. |


by Sandy Donovan. |

Steven Spielberg and philosophy

edited by Dean A. Kowalski. |

Old Testament parallels

Victor H. Matthews and Don C. Benjamin. |

Shakespeare's ideas

David Bevington. |

You've got to read this book!

[compiled by] Jack Canfield, Gay Hendricks, with Carol Kline. |

Blues, philosophy for everyone

edited by Jesse R. Steinberg and Abrol Fairweather. |

The everything psychic book

Michael R. Hathaway. |

Philosophy of language

edited by Barry Lee. |

The hermetica

Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. |

New Age encyclopedia

by Belinda Whitworth. |

Divine duality

William Keepin with Cynthia Brix, and Molly Dwyer. |

Slow sex

Diana Richardson. |

Sacred sexuality

Georg Feuerstein. |

Emotional wisdom

Mantak Chia and Dena Saxer. |

The ancient mysteries

edited by Marvin W. Meyer. |

David and Solomon

Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman. |

Everything counts

Steven L. Case. |

101 most puzzling Bible verses

Tim Demy and Gary Stewart. |

The fountain of age

Betty Friedan. |

The gift of years

Joan Chittister. |