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Eleanor of Aquitaine

Ralph V. Turner. |


Vanessa Collingridge. |

Becoming Queen Victoria

Kate Williams. |

Catherine of Aragon

Giles Tremlett. |

Catherine, the queen

by Mary M. Luke. |

The ardent queen

Jock Haswell. |

In the dark streets shineth

David McCullough. |

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Rachel A. Koestler-Grack. |

Elizabeth's women

Tracy Borman. |

Eleanor of Aquitaine

D.D.R. Owen. |

King, queen, jack;

by Milton Waldman. |

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Marion Meade. |

Behind the mask

by Jane Resh Thomas. |

All the queen's men

Peter Brimacombe. |

On monsters

Stephen T. Asma. |

The great dinosaur extinction controversy

Charles Officer & Jake Page. |

The mistaken extinction

Lowell Dingus, Timothy Rowe. |

Night comes to the Cretaceous

James Lawrence Powell. |

The Nazi underground in South America,

by Hugo Fernâandez Artucio. |

The Goebbels experiment;

by Derrick Sington and Arthur Weindenfeld. |

Being present

Willy Schumann. |

Backing Hitler

Robert Gellately. |

The Atlantic Wall

Alan F. Wilt. |

Adolf Hitler

by John Toland. |

Adolf Hitler

John Toland. |


Giles MacDonogh. |


Philip Metcalfe. |

You are here

Christopher Potter. |

Isaac Newton

Philip Steele. |

The Johnstown flood

by David McCullough. |

Cosmic imagery

John D. Barrow. |