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The Bee Course

"The Bee Course" at Central Library, in the Info Commons. The Bee Course is the most complete education a beekeeper can find outside of a university course. It is also absolutely free. More important, according to instructor James Fischer, it is dogma-free, presenting a pragmatic evidence-based approach unencumbered by mysticism or naivete about bees in a modern urban environment. James Fischer wandered among his beehives in the mountains of Virginia without any formal credentials in entomology at all, but somehow had a very profitable business in pollinating apple trees and selling honey from his 600-hive operation. For more information, visit For dates: To register:

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The beekeeper's lament

Hannah Nordhaus. |

The fresh honey cookbook

Laurey Masterton ; photography by Johnny Autry. |

Fruitless fall

Rowan Jacobsen. |

Honey bee hobbyist

by Norman Gary. |


Christopher O'Toole ; featuring photographs by Edward Ross. |

From where I sit

Mark L. Winston. |

The complete Idiot's guide to beekeeping

by Dean Stiglitz and Laurie Herboldsheimer. |