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Robert M. Sapolsky. |

Bringing up bâebâe

Pamela Druckerman. |


Bill Schutt. |

Age of ambition

Evan Osnos. |

The age of em

Robin Hanson. |

Power & style

Dominique Gaulme, Franðcois Gaulme ; [translated from the French by Deke Dusinberre]. |


Nassim Nicholas Taleb. |

Future sex

Emily Witt. |

The American slave coast

Ned and Constance Sublette. |

Daughters of the samurai

Janice P. Nimura. |

The oyster war

Summer Brennan. |

The antidote

Oliver Burkeman. |


Marcus Aurelius ; translated by Maxwell Staniforth. |


Jan Swafford. |

The depths

Jonathan Rottenberg. |

Anarchist voices

Paul Avrich. |

Hell and good company

Richard Rhodes. |

Silver screen fiend

Patton Oswalt. |

The cultural lives of whales and dolphins

Hal Whitehead and Luke Rendell. |

The Emperor far away

David Eimer. |

A load of hooey

Bob Odenkirk. |

Masscult and midcult

Dwight Macdonald ; edited by John Summers ; introduction by Louis Menand. |

Gotham unbound

Ted Steinberg. |

Lords of the horizons

Jason Goodwin. |

Cut me loose

Leah Vincent. |

Against Everything

Mark Greif. |

The works

Kate Ascher ; researched by Wendy Marech ; designed by Alexander Isley, Inc. |

Enchanted objects

David Rose. |


John Eliot Gardiner. |

Party of the century

Deborah Davis. |

Searching for Zion

Emily Raboteau. |

In spite of myself

Christopher Plummer. |

The city shaped

Spiro Kostof ; original drawings by Richard Tobias. |

The half has never been told

Edward E. Baptist. |

Our political nature

Avi Tuschman. |

In defense of lost causes

Slavoj éZiézek. |

Animal wise

Virginia Morell. |

Kasher in the rye

by Moshe Kasher. |


Steven Johnson. |

The tinkerers

Alec Foege. |