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Paris 1919

Margaret MacMillan. |

A brief history of France

Paul F. State. -- |

A brief history of Germany

Jason P. Coy. -- |

A brief history of Great Britain

William E. Burns. -- |

Ancient Greece

Robert Garland. -- |

A royal experiment

Janice Hadlow. |

The culture of the Seven Years' War

edited by Frans De Bruyn and Shaun Regan. |

Twentieth-century Europe

Michael D. Richards and Paul R. Waibel. |


Ayaan Hirsi Ali. |

The comeback

John Ralston Saul. |

The book of negroes

Lawrence Hill. |

Canada 1911

Patrice Dutil and David MacKenzie. -- |

In the garden of beasts

by Erik Larson. -- |


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