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Majestic hats and Sunday traditions

Picture books that revel in big, stylish hats and other African American church traditions.

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The hat that wore Clara B.

Melanie Turner-Denstaedt ; pictures by Frank Morrison. |

In church on Mothers' Sunday when all the older ladies dress in white and wear their most beautiful hats, Clara B., sitting in the pew behind her grandmother and admiring her every move, determines to find a way to wear her grandmother's hat.

Aunt Flossie's hats (and crab cakes later)

by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard ; paintings by James Ransome. |

Sara and Susan share tea, cookies, crab cakes, and stories about hats when they visit their favorite relative, Aunt Flossie.

We had a picnic this Sunday past

Jacqueline Woodson ; illustrated by Diane Greenseid. |

A young girl describes her various relatives and the foods they bring to the annual family picnic.

Sunday shopping

story by Sally Derby ; pictures by Shadra Strickland. |

Every Sunday night a young girl and her grandmother go on an imaginary shopping trip using play money and the advertisements in the newspaper as a guide for their "purchases."

Sunday best

by Juwanda G. Ford ; illustrated by Colin Bootman. |

A young African American boy spends time at home and church with his family on Sunday.

Come Sunday

written by Nikki Grimes ; illustrated by Michael Bryant. |

A little girl describes a typical Sunday from the moment her mother wakes her up through the different elements of the worship service in church.

Early Sunday Morning

Millner, Denene | Book

Early Sunday Morning follows June, Mommy, Daddy, and brother Troy through their weekend routine as June prepares for a special performance leading the children's choir at church on Sunday morning. Readers spend the weekend with June as she collects helpful pieces of advice on how to be less nervous about her big solo. Along the way, she visits the barbershop with Mommy and Troy, gets her hair done by Mommy, receives a special dress from her aunt, and shares her family ritual of getting ready for Sunday morning service. As her special moment approaches, June leans on the support of her whole family, as well as advice from her father, to conquer her fear of singing in front of the congregation. Early Sunday Morning is a heartwarming celebration of the special time a young girl and her family share together as she learns how to lift her mighty voice.

Early Sunday morning

Denene Millner ; illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton. |

Early Sunday morning

Millner, Denene, author. | eBook

Aunt Flossie's hats (and crab cakes later)

Howard, Elizabeth Fitzgerald. | eBook