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In search of Zarathustra

Paul Kriwaczek. |

Abraham Lincoln

Carl Sandburg. |

The coming fury

Bruce Catton ; E. B. Long, director of research ; illustrated by Hal Just. |


Jack Kelly. |

Over the edge of the world

Laurence Bergreen. |

Marco Polo

Bergreen, Laurence. |


Michael Korda. |

The next decade

George Friedman. |

Baltimore blues

Laura Lippman. |

The teammates

David Halberstam. |

Summer of '49

David Halberstam. |

The match king

Frank Partnoy. |


Misha Glenny. |

Heaven's prisoners

James Lee Burke. |

The ghosts of Belfast

Stuart Neville. |

Tokyo vice

Jake Adelstein. |

The snakehead

Patrick Radden Keefe. |

The Soong Dynasty

by Sterling Seagrave. |

Imperial grunts

Robert D. Kaplan. |

Inside the Kingdom

Robert Lacey. |

Saudi Arabia exposed

John R. Bradley. |

The big rich

Bryan Burrough. |

The gap in the curtain

by John Buchan |

Killing Pablo

Mark Bowden. |


Niall Ferguson. |

The fourth turning

William Strauss and Neil Howe. |

Diary of a very bad year

by Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager with n+1 [Foundation, Inc.] ; [introduction by] Keith Gessen. |


Ed Vulliamy. |


Jared Diamond. |

The big short

Michael Lewis. |