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70 Year Anniversary of Partition

This booklist coincides with the 70 year anniversary of the partition of British India. While an occasion to celebrate democracy and the independence of the Indian subcontinent from the yoke of empire, Partition's anniversary is also a moment to remember the hundreds of thousands of families who bore great loss and sacrifice in the violent birth-pangs of statecraft, as well as to contemplate the rivalry between India and Pakistan--one marked by competing narratives of history and visions of statehood--that has defined the two nations since their creation.

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Midnight's furies

Nisid Hajari. |

The longest August

Dilip Hiro. |

The warrior state

T. V. Paul. |

The Indian ideology

Perry Anderson. |


Kathryn Tidrick. |

Churchill's secret war

by Madhusree Mukerjee. |

Indian summer

Alex von Tunzelmann. |

M.A. Jinnah views and reviews

edited by M.R. Kazimi. |


Shashi Tharoor. |


Judith M. Brown. |

The essential Gandhi

edited by Louis Fischer ; preface by Eknath Easwaran. |


Lawrence James. |

Kashmir in the crossfire

Victoria Schofield. |