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Great non-fiction can be just as narrative and engaging as other kinds of reading. If you need engrossing, informative, interesting non-fiction reads for your middle schoolers, look no further. Titles are mostly (but not all) STEM-related.

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The plant hunters

Anita Silvey. |

1170L -

Clueless in the kitchen

by Evelyn Raab ; [illustrations, George A. Walker]. |

Years of dust

Albert Marrin. |

1040L -

The sky sailors

David L. Bristow. |

850L -

Within reach

Mark Pfetzer & Jack Galvin. |

970L -

Whaling season

Peter Lourie. |

NC1150L - These NC or "Non-Conforming" books have a Lexile measure markedly higher than is typical for the intended audience or designated developmental level of the book.The NC code is useful when matching high-ability readers with a book that's still at an appropriate developmental level.

Blizzard of glass

Sally M. Walker. |

1100L -

The secret of the yellow death

by Suzanne Jurmain. |

1010L -

The boy who harnessed the wind

William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer ; pictures by Elizabeth Zunon. |

910L -

The new way things work

David Macaulay, with Neil Ardley. |

1180L -

Empire State Building

by Elizabeth Mann ; with illustrations by Alan Witschonke. |

1000L -

Almost astronauts

Tanya Lee Stone. |

980L -

Cleopatra rules!

Vicky Alvear Shecter. |

880L -

Chew on this

by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson. |

1110L -

A long way gone

Ishmael Beah. |

920L -


Phillip Hoose. |

1150L -

Tracking trash

Loree Griffin Burns. |

1200L -

Journey into the deep

Rebecca L. Johnson ; foreword by Sylvia A. Earle. |

920L -

Stick figure

Lori Gottlieb. |

1100L -


Steve Sheinkin. |

920L -


Jonathan Fetter-Vorm. |

(graphic novel) GN950L -


Brian Floca. |

840L -


written and illustrated by Bryn Barnard. |

1080L -


Anne Rooney. |

1100L -


Marc Aronson. |

1070L -


Chip Kidd. |

1100L -

They called themselves the K.K.K.

by Susan Campbell Bartoletti. |

1180L -

Chinese Cinderella

Adeline Yen Mah. |

960L -

Lincoln's grave robbers

Steve Sheinkin. |

930L -