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The concept of irony,

Translated and with an introd. and notes by Lee M. Capel. |

The intruder

director, Claire Denis. |

35 rhums

Soudaine compagnie prâesente une coproduction franco-allemande Soudaine compagnie, ARTE France cinâema, Pandora Film Produktion ; un film de Claire Denis ; produit par Bruno Pesery ... [et al.] ; scâenario, Claire Denis et Jean-Pol Fargeau. |

White material

IFC Films ; Why Not Productions prâesente ; un coproduction Why Not Productions, Wild Bunch, France 3 Cinâema ; un film de Claire Denis ; scâenario, Clair Denis et Marie N'Diaye |

Hiroshima mon amour

Argos Films, Como Films, Daiei Motion Picture et Pathe Overseas Productions ; râealisation, Alain Resnais ; scenario et dialoques, Marguerite Duras ; directeurs de production, Sacha Kamenka, Shirakawa Takeo ; producteur dâelâeguâe, Samy Halfon. |

Muriel, ou, Le temps d'un retour

produced by Anatole Dauman ; written by Jean Cayrol ; directed by Alain Resnais. |

L'Annâee derniáere a Marienbad

a Rialto Pictures ; StudioCanal ; Cocinor ; Argos Films ; Cineriz ; Pierre Courau et Raymond Froment prâesent ; scâenario et dialogues, Alain Robbe-Grillet ; râealisation, Alain Resnais ; images, Sacha Vierny. |

Les herbes folles

Sony Pictures Classics ; Jean-Louis Livi prâesente ; une coproduction franco-italienne, F Comme Film, Studio Canal, France 2 Cinâema, Bim Distribuzione ; scenario, Alex Râeval, Laurent Herbiet ; produit par Jean-Louis Livi ; râealisation, Alain Resnais. |

The spirit of the beehive

directed by Victor Erice. |

The double life of Vâeronique

Miramax Films ; MK2 ; Sideral presents a film by Krzysztof Kieâslowski ; a production of Sideral Productions Studio for Le Studio Canal+ ; producer, Leonardo de la Fuenta ; written by Krzysztof Kieâslowski & Krzysztof Piesiewicz ; directed by Krzysztof Ki |

La double vie de Veronique

Leonardo de la Fuente presente ; une production Sideral Productions, Le Studio Canal + ; en co-production avec Tor Production ; et avec Norsk Film ; scenario, Krzysztof Kieâslowski, Krzysztof Piesiewicz ; realise par Krzystztof Kieâslowski. |


Walter Benjamin ; edited and with an introduction by Hannah Arendt ; translated by Harry Zohn. |

Boudu sauvâe des eaux

Janus Films ; les âEtablissements Jacques Haik prâesentent ; râealisâe par les Productions Michel Simon avec le concours du CCF ; râealisation de Jean Renoir. |

Le deuxiáeme souffle

Charles Lumbroso, Andrâe Labay prâesentent ; dialogues de Josâe Giovanni et Jean-Pierre Melville ; adaptation et realisation de Jean-Pierre Melville ; Productions Charles Lumbroso. |

Species of spaces and other pieces

edited and translated by John Sturrock. |


Svensk Filmindustri ; [directed and written by] Ingmar Bergman. |


Janus Films ; Svensk Filmindustri visar ; en film av [a film by] Ingmar Bergman. |

The silence

AB Svensk Filmindustri ; a film by Ingmar Bergman. |

The passion of Anna

Svensk Filmindustri Cinematograph ; director, Ingmar Bergman. |

A confession

Leo Tolstoy ; translated by Jane Kentish. |

Man and his symbols

[edited with an introduction by] Carl G. Jung . . [et al.]. |

Gandhi & Churchill

Arthur Herman. |


Susie Orbach. |

Moral relativism

Steven Lukes. |


Slavoj éZiézek. |

Hind swaraj and other writings

M.K. Gandhi ; edited by Anthony J. Parel. |

Gandhi on non-violence

edited with an introduction by Thomas Merton ; preface by Mark Kurlansky. |

All men are brothers

Mahatma Gandhi ; compiled and edited by Krishna Kripalani ; introd. by Servepalli Radhakrishnan. |


Gilles Deleuze and Fâelix Guattari ; preface by Michel Foucault ; introduction by Mark Seem ; translated by Robert Hurley, Mark Seem, and Helen R. Lane. |

Theory of religion

Georges Bataille ; translated by Robert Hurley. |

Lectures & conversations on aesthetics, psychology, and religious belief

L. Wittgenstein ; compiled from notes taken by Yorick Smythies, Rush Rhees and James Taylor ; edited by Cyril Barrett. |

All art is propaganda

George Orwell ; compiled by George Packer ; with an introduction by Keith Gessen. |

Nohow on

by Samuel Beckett ; with an introduction by S.E. Gontarski. |

Mercier and Camier

Samuel Beckett ; translated from the original French by the author. |

How it is

by Samuel Beckett ; translated from the French by the author. |

Beckett on film.

Blue Angel Films ; Tyrone Productions for Radio Telefâis âEireann & Channel 4 in association with Bord Scannâan Na hâEireann ; Clarence Pictures ; producers, Michael Colgan, Alan Moloney ; directors, Patricia Rozema, David Mamet, Katie Mitchell, Damien Hi |

Happy days

Samuel Beckett. |

The hundred headless woman =

Max Ernst ; foreword by Andrâe Breton ; [translation by Dorothea Tanning]. |

Manifestoes of surrealism.

Translated from the French by Richard Seaver and Helen R. Lane. |

To do

Gertrude Stein. |

Selected works.

Edited by Roger Shattuck and Simon Watson Taylor. |

The uncollected Baudrillard

edited by Gary Genosko. |