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The treatment of alcoholism;

[by] Raymond M. Glasscote [and others] |

Mental health on the campus;

[by] Raymond M. Glasscote [and] Michael E. Fishman, in collaboration with Clifford B. Reifler [and others] |

Health insurance for mental illness

[by] Patricia L. Scheidemandel [research associate], Charles K. Kanno [research associate, and] Raymond M. Glasscote [chief] |

Children and mental health centers; programs, problems, prospects

[by] Raymond M. Glasscote, Michael E. Fishman [and] Meyer Sonis, in collaboration with Loretta Cass [and others] |

The Alternate services;

[by] Raymond M. Glasscote . . . [et al.]; pref. by Birch E. Bayh, Jr. |

The Nation's psychiatrists.

[By Donald R. Jones and Carolynne Seeman] |

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders

prepared by the Work Group to Revise DSM-III of the American Psychiatric Association. |

The Clinical evaluation of the dangerousness of the mentally ill.

Compiled and edited by Jonas R. Rappeport. Contributors: Gustav Bychowski [and others] With forewords by Leo H. Bartemeier [and] Frederick W. Brune. |

William James: unfinished business.

Editor, Robert B. MacLeod. |

The use of written communications in psychotherapy.

With contributions by Arthur Burton [and others] and a foreword by Harold M. Visotsky. |

Standards for educational and psychological tests and manuals.

Prepared by a joint committee of the American Psychological Association, American Educational Research Association [and] National Council on Measurement in Education. |

Psychology and the problems of society.

Editors: Frances F. Korten, Stuart W. Cook [and] John I. Lacey. |

On your own

Patricia O. Quinn and Theresa E. Laurie Maitland. |

No safe haven

by Mary P. Koss ... [et al.]. |

New kid, new scene

by Debbie Glasser and Emily Schenck. |

Nature, nurture, & psychology

edited by Robert Plomin and Gerald E. McClearn. |

Listening to battered women

Lisa A. Goodman and Deborah Epstein ; foreword by Judith L. Herman. |

Job stress interventions

edited by Lawrence R. Murphy ... [et al.]. |

Do you sing Twinkle?

by Sandra Levins ; illustrated by Bryan Langdo. |

Can personality change?

Todd F. Heatherton & Joel L. Weinberger, editors. |

Being me

by Wendy L. Moss. |

The APA style of documentation

Michael Pringle, John Gonzales. |

APA dictionary of psychology

Gary R. VandenBos, editor in chief. |

Addictive behaviors

edited by G. Alan Marlatt and Katie Witkiewitz. |

Women in the work force,

edited by Mildred E. Katzell and William C. Byham. |