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by Dana Meachen Rau. |

Greek myths

retold and illustrated by Marcia Williams. |

Greek myths

retold from the classic originals by Diane Namm ; illustrated by Eric Freeberg. |

Greek myths

Sally Pomme Clayton ; illustrated by Jane Ray. |

Greek myths

Sally Pomme Clayton ; illustrated by Jan Ray. |

Aesop's fables

Jerry Pinkney. |

Aesop's fables

retold by Ann McGovern ; interior illustrations by A.J. McClaskey ; cover illustration by Ricardo Tercio. |

Spasibo i pozhaluæista

Richard Skarri ; per. s angl. Vari ëIìUshchenko. |

Richard Scarry's Nicky goes to the doctor

written and illustrated by Richard Scarry. |

Richard Scarry's Naughty Bunny

Scarry, Richard | PRINTED MATL

Baby Shark!

Golden Books Publishing Company (COR)/ Jackson, Mike (ILT) |

Oscar's book

Moss, Jeffrey, author. | PRINTED MATL

Nine Disney classics.

Werner, Jane/ Bedford, Annie North/ Watson, Jane Werner/ Strebe, Dorothy/ Walt Disney Studio (ILT) | PRINTED MATL

My neighbor Totoro.

written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki ; [English translation, Jim Hubbert ; unedited English-language adaptation, Cindy Davis Hewitt & Donald H. Hewitt ; film comic adaptation, Yuji Oniki ; lettering, John Clark]. |

Llama Llama mad at mama

by Anna Dewdney. |

Llama Llama Learns to Swim

Dewdney, Anna | PRINTED MATL

Llama Llama Loves Camping

Dewdney, Anna | PRINTED MATL

Llama Llama mess mess mess

Dewdney, Anna, author. |

Real Dragons

Szymanski, Jennifer | PRINTED MATL

Prickly hedgehogs!

McGuinness, Jane, author. | PRINTED MATL

Who put the cookies in the cookie jar?

George Shannon ; pictures by Julie Paschkis. |


Evans, Shira, author. | PRINTED MATL

I got it!

Wiesner, David, author, illustrator. | PRINTED MATL

Ollie's Valentine

Olivier Dunrea. |

Big cats.

Musgrave, Ruth A. | PRINTED MATL


Avery Elizabeth Hurt. |

Click, clack, moo

by Doreen Cronin ; pictures by Betsy Lewin. |

Animal Homes

Evans, Shira | PRINTED MATL

Mr. Postmouse's rounds

Marianne Dubuc. |


Marilyn Singer. |

Little Boo

Stephen Wunderli ; illustrated by Tim Zeltner. |

Bee dance

Rick Chrustowski. |