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Cinco de Mayo

by Linda Lowery ; illustrations by Barbara Knutson. |

Peterson's holiday helper

Valerie Peterson. |

The new Thanksgiving table

by Diane Morgan ; photographs by Leigh Beisch. |

Cookie craft Christmas

Valerie Peterson & Janice Fryer. |

Wreck the halls

Jen Yates. |

The Neelys' celebration cookbook

Pat Neely and Gina Neely, with Ann Volkwein ; photographs by Ben Fink. |

The teacher's calendar

the editors of Chase's Calendar of events ; compiled by Holly McGuire and Katheryn A. Keil. |

Quick & easy holiday treats with style

Edie Hand ; Darlene Real. |


by Julie Murray. |


by Julie Murray. |


Julie Murray. |


by Julie Murray. |

Valentine's Day

Julie Murray. |


by Julie Murray. |


by Susan Douglass ; illustrations by Jeni Reeves. |

Holiday howlers

by Peter and Connie Roop ; pictures by Brian Gable. |

Apples and pomegranates

Rahel Musleah ; illustrations by Judy Jarrett. |

It's sukkah time!

Latifa Berry Kropf ; photographs by Tod Cohen. |

It's seder time!

by Latifa Berry Kropf ; photographs by Tod Cohen. |


by Cathy Goldberg Fishman ; illustrations by Mary O'Keefe Young. |


Allen Salkin ; foreword by Allen Salkin. |

Chinese New Year

by Julie Murray. |

Cinco de Mayo

by Julie Murray. |

Columbus Day

by Julie Murray. |

Easter around the world

by Shannon Knudsen ; illustrations by David Erickson. |

An angel for Christmas

Heather Graham. |

Trading Christmas

Debbie Macomber. |

The book of new family traditions

Meg Cox ; illustrations by Trina Dalziel. |