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Dance Books: Belly Dancing

Dance is fast becoming one of Canada’s most beloved past times. “Dance Books” are a series of lists focusing on various dance genres. Belly dancing originated in the Middle East, but is quickly becoming popular among western cultures as both an art and a form of exercise.

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Middle Eastern dance

Penni AlZayer. -- |


WorldDance New York ; created by Rachel Brice. |


Dolphina ; photography by John Robbins. |

The belly dance book

edited by Tazz Richards. |

Belly dancing

Pina Coluccia, Anette Paffrath, Jean Pèutz. |


Keti Sharif. |

Belly dancing basics

Laura A. Cooper ; [photography, Sarah Skinner]. |

Bellydance fitness for beginners

Natural Journeys ; produced and directed by David Nakahara. |

Bellydance show basics for beginners

WorldDance New York ; created by Tanna Valentine. |