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Imported from My Lists: Women in the Civil War

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Women of the Civil War

Stephen Currie. |

Harriet Tubman and the freedom train

written by Sharon Gayle ; illustrated by Felicia Marshall. |

Little women

Louisa May Alcott. |

Evvy's Civil War

Miriam Brenaman. |

Confederate spy stories

[by] Katherine and John Bakeless. |

Women of the Confederacy

by Barbara A. Somervill. |

Sarah Emma Edmonds was a great pretender

Carrie Jones ; illustrations by Mark Oldroyd. |

Women at the front

by Jean F. Blashfield. |

I'll pass for your comrade

by Anita Silvey. |

First Girl Scout

by Ginger Wadsworth. |

Harriet Tubman

by Patricia Lantier. |

A young people's history of the United States

Howard Zinn ; adapted by Rebecca Stefoff. |

Dorothea Dix

by Barbara Witteman. |

Vinnie and Abraham

Dawn FitzGerald ; illustrated by Catherine Stock. |

Women of the Union

by Alice K. Flanagan. |