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BKLYN BookMatch: Stoic Philosophy and Modern Life

This list was created by a librarian with Brooklyn Public Library for a reader. It features teachings from the old Stoics and modern interpretations. Stoic philosophy is based on working through one's feelings and desires so that they may be at peace with the world and all of the challenges they face. Would you like your own personalized list of reading suggestions? Visit Bklyn BookMatch, here:

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How to be a stoic

Massimo Pigliucci. |

The daily stoic

Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman. |

Letters from a Stoic. Epistulae morales ad Lucilium

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, approximately 4 B.C.-65 A.D. |

The art of living

[Epictetus] ; a new interpretation by Sharon Lebell. |

A guide to the good life

William B. Irvine. |

The greatest empire

Emily Wilson. |

Stoicism & emotion

Margaret R. Graver. |