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The life of Muhammad;

a translation of Ishåag's Såirat rasåul Allåah, with introd. and notes by A. Guillaume. |

The Muqaddimah;

Translated from the Arabic by Franz Rosenthal. Abridged and edited by N. J. Dawood. |

The Muqaddimah;

translated from the Arabic by Franz Rosenthal. |

The faith and practice of al-Ghazåalåi

translated by W. Montgomery Watt. |

The alchemy of happiness

al-Ghazzali ; translated from the Hindustani by Claud Field. |

The Baburnama

translated, edited, and annotated by Wheeler M. Thackston ; introduction by Salman Rushdie. |

The Upanisòads

translated by F. Max Mèuller. |

The Bhagavad Gita

George Thompson. |

The Mahåabhåarata

by John D. Smith. |

The Arabian nights

translated, with a preface and notes by Richard F. Burton ; introduction by A.S. Byatt. |

Arabian nights

adapted from Richard R. Burton's unexpurgated translation by Jack Zipes. |

Arab society in the time of The thousand and one nights

by Edward William Lane ; edited by Stanley Lane-Poole. |


Abolqasem Ferdowsi ; translated by Dick Davis ; with a foreword by Azar Nafisi. |

The Upanishads

translated with a general introduction by Eknath Easwaran ; with chapter introductions & concluding essay by Michael N. Nagler. |