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England, Queen Elizabeth, including Irwin, Elizabeth, Prince of Spain, Hoyt, etc

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The firedrake's eye

Patricia Finney. |

The Robsart Affair

by Jennette and Francis Letton. |

Rival to the queen

Carolly Erickson. |

The Boleyn wife

Brandy Purdy. |

The bones of Avalon

Phil Rickman. |

The Virgin Queen's daughter

Ella March Chase. |

The Queen's captive

Barbara Kyle. |

Hugh and Bess

by Susan Higginbotham. |

Mask of night

Philip Gooden. |


Rory Clements. |

Knaves templar

Leonard Tourney. |


by Annie Dalton ; [illustration by Mark Elliott]. |

The intelligencer

Leslie Silbert. |

Ill met by moonlight

Sarah A. Hoyt. |

An honorable murderer

Philip Gooden. |

Her infinite variety

Pamela Rafael Berkman. |

The heiress

Deveraux, Jude. |

The gentleman poet

Kathryn Johnson. |

The game

Brenda Joyce. |

The fugitive queen

Fiona Buckley. |

Familiar spirits

Leonard Tourney. |

Face down under the Wych elm

Kathy Lynn Emerson. |


Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler are writing as Grace Cavendish. |

Elizabeth the golden age

Tasha Alexander. |

Elizabeth I

Margaret George. |

The Devil's apprentice

Edward Marston. |


Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler are writing as Grace Cavendish. |

The Black Canary

Jane Louise Curry. |

The Bartholomew Fair murders

by Leonard Tourney. |


Patricia Finney is writing as Grace Cavendish. |

Any man so daring

Sarah A. Hoyt. |