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LSAT logic games bible workbook

[David M. Killoran]. |

LSAT reading comprehension bible

[David M. Killoran, Steven G. Stein]. |

Black's law dictionary

Bryan A. Garner, editor in chief. |

Alternative dispute resolution in a nutshell

by Jacqueline M. Nolan-Haley. |

Medical liability in a nutshell

by Marcia Mobilia Boumil, Clifford E. Elias, Diane Bissonnette Moes. |

Workers' compensation and employee protection laws in a nutshell

Jack B. Hood, Benjamin A. Hardy, Jr., Harold S. Lewis, Jr. |

Health care law and ethics in a nutshell

by Mark A. Hall, Ira Mark Ellman, Daniel S. Strouse. |

Insurance law in a nutshell

by John F. Dobbyn. |

Art law in a nutshell

by Leonard D. DuBoff and Christy O. King. |

Constitutional law in a nutshell

by Jerome A. Barron, C. Thomas Dienes. |

Local government law in a nutshell

by David J. McCarthy, Jr., Laurie Reynolds. |

Federal disability law in a nutshell

by Bonnie Poitras Tucker, Adam A. Milani. |

Children and the law in a nutshell

by Sarah H. Ramsey, Douglas E. Abrams. |

Administrative law and process in a nutshell

by Ernest Gellhorn, Ronald M. Levin. |

The criminal law handbook

by Paul Bergman & Sara J. Berman. |

The Professional lawyer

Special Coordinating Committee on Professionalism, American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility. |

Legal writing

Linda Holdeman Edwards. |

Pocket guide to legal writing

William H. Putman. |

Legal interviewing and counseling in a nutshell

by Thomas L. Shaffer and James R. Elkins. |

Basic cases in constitutional law

Duane Lockard, Walter F. Murphy. |

Family law in a nutshell

by Harry D. Krause, David D. Meyer. |

The law of torts

Joseph W. Glannon. |

How to teach your baby to read

by Glenn Doman, Janet Doman. |

How smart is your baby?

Glenn Doman, Janet Doman. |

Guide to Ukrainian-American institutions, professionals, and business.

Endorsed by the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America. |