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TD/MPL Summer Reading List 2017: Ages 5 & Under

42 items

Almost a full moon

Hawksley Workman. |

Bear's winter party

Deborah Hodge ; pictures by Lisa Cinar. |

Canada ABC

Paul Covello. |

The darkest dark

written by Chris Hadfield and Kate Fillion ; illustrated by the Fan Brothers. |

Dear baobab

written by Cheryl Foggo ; illustrated by Qin Leng. -- |

A family is a family is a family

written by Sara O'Leary ; illustrated by Qin Leng. |

My heart fills with happiness

Monique Gray Smith ; illustrations by Julie Flett. |


Maxine Trottier ; pictures by Isabelle Arsenault. -- |

The lion and the bird

Marianne Dubuc ; translated from the French by Claudia Z. Bedrick. |

In the red canoe

written by Leslie A. Davidson ; illustrated by Laura Bifano. |

The stone thrower

Jael Ealey Richardson ; pictures by Matt James. |

The snow knows

words by Jennifer McGrath ; art by Josâee Bisaillon. |

Rosario's fig tree

Charis Wahl ; pictures by Luc Melanson. |

West coast wild

Deborah Hodge ; pictures by Karen Reczuch. |

Toshi's little treasures

Nadine Robert, Aki ; English translation by Yvette Ghione. |

Almost Everything Book

by Julie Morstad |

What is peace

Wallace Edwards. |

When I was eight

Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton ; art by Gabrielle Grimard. -- |

My blue is happy

Jessica Young ; illustrated by Catia Chien. -- |

If I had a gryphon

Vikki VanSickle ; illustrated by Cale Atkinson. |


text, Maureen Fergus ; illustrations, Duâesan Petriâeciãac. |

The Night Gardener

Terry Fan & Eric Fan. |

Fishermen through & through

Colleen Sydor ; illustrations by Brooke Kerrigan. |

If kids ruled the world

written by Linda Bailey ; illustrated by David Huyck. |

Stop, thief!

written by Heather Tekavec ; illustrated by Pierre Pratt. |

Morris Micklewhite and the tangerine dress

Christine Baldacchino ; pictures by Isabelle Malenfant. -- |

Oddrey and the new kid

written and illustrated by Dave Whamond. -- |

A horse named Steve

written and illustrated by Kelly Collier. |

Different Same!

written by Heather Tekavec ; illustrated by Pippa Curnick. |

Dojo daycare

Chris Tougas. |

The cranky ballerina

by Elise Gravel. |

The fly

Petr Horâaécek. |

When the rain comes

by Alma Fullerton ; illustrations by Kim La Fave. |

Milo and Georgie

written by Bree Galbraith ; illustrated by Josâee Bisaillon. |

Little blue chair

words by Cary Fagan ; pictures by Madeline Kloepper. |

Sidewalk flowers

[written by] Jon Arno Lawson ; [illustrated by] Sydney Smith. |

Tokyo digs a garden

Jon-Erik Lappano ; pictures by Kellen Hatanaka. |

Buddy and Earl

Maureen Fergus ; pictures by Carey Sookocheff. |

Noni says no

Heather Hartt-Sussman ; illustrated by Geneviáeve Cotâe. -- |

Crocodiles play!

[written by] Robert Heidbreder and [illustrated by] Rae Matâe. -- |

The owl and the pussycat

Edward Lear ; with illustrations by Stâephane Jorisch. |