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There is Power in a Union

Feeling a little wobbly in your union knowledge? Here are some solid resources for reading about the past, present, and future of unions.

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Documentary Trailer: Out At Work


Documentary from the mid-1990s detailing the struggles and successes of LGBTQ union workers.

Union Songs Archive


Listen to hundreds of different union, protest, and work songs

A history of America in ten strikes

Loomis, Erik, author. | EBOOKS

Why you should be a trade unionist

McCluskey, Len, author. | eBook

The rise of the working-class shareholder : labor's last best weapon

Webber, David (David H.), author. | PRINTED MATL

Beyond $15

Jonathan Rosenblum. |

Your rights in the workplace

Barreiro, Sachi, author. | PRINTED MATL

The New York City Triangle Factory fire

Leigh Benin, Rob Linnâe, Adrienne Sosin and Joel Sosinky ; with Workers United (ILGWU) and HBO Documentary Films. |

Union women

Mary Margaret Fonow. |

Women, work, and protest

edited by Ruth Milkman. |

Direct action & sabotage

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Walker C. Smith, William E. Trautmann ; edited & introduced by Salvatore Salerno. |

Wobblies of the World : A Global History of the IWW

Cole, Peter (EDT)/ Struthers, David (EDT)/ Zimmer, Kenyon (EDT) | PRINTED MATL