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BKLYN Halloween Picture Books

Halloween is great time of year to share slightly spooky stories and play peek-a-BOO! These festive, seasonal titles are sure to scare up some fun for you and your little one. (At ages two and up, children may begin to find some stories scary. If they do, save these for them when they are older.)

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The monsters' monster

Patrick McDonnell. |

Grouch, Grump, and little Gloom 'n' Doom spend much of their time arguing over who is the "biggest and baddest" until they build a monster together that turns out to be very different than what they expect.

Hush, little monster

by Denis Markell ; illustrated by Melissa Iwai. |

In this variation on a classic lullaby, a monster father promises his baby a variety of visitors, from a screeching owl to a zombie family.

Zen ghosts

by Jon J Muth. |

On Halloween night, Stillwater the giant panda tells Karl, Addy, and Michael a spooky and unusual story. Based on a Zen koan.

My first ghost

illustrated by Stephanie Buscema ; [text by] Margaret Miller & Michael Leviton. |

Provides the reader with a ghost of his or her own, as well as instructions for feeding, caring for, and playing with this spectral friend.

Ghosts in the house!

Kazuno Kohara. |

Tired of living in a haunted house, a young witch captures, washes, and turns her pesky ghosts into curtains and a tablecloth.

Five little pumpkins

illustrated by Ben Mantle. |

Five little pumpkins that are supposed to be sitting on a gate, but instead enjoy a wild and wacky Halloween.

The little old lady who was not afraid of anything

by Linda Williams ; illustrated by Megan Lloyd. |

A little old lady who is not afraid of anything must deal with a pumpkin head, a tall black hat, and other spooky objects that follow her through the dark woods trying to scare her.

Trick or treat

by Leo Landry. |

On Halloween, Oliver the ghost has a lot of work to do before the trick-or-treaters come knocking at his door--and before the spookiest guests arrive at his costume party.

Trick or treat?

Bill Martin, Jr. and Michael Sampson ; illustrated by Paul Meisel. |

A child has a wonderful time collecting treats from the wacky neighbors until Magic Merlin decides that a trick would be more fun.

Halloween good night

Doug Cushman. |

On Halloween night, monsters, from hairy werewolves on the moors to scaly swamp creatures in a black lagoon, say goodnight to their mommies and daddies.

It's Halloween night

by Maryann Cocca-Leffler. |

Kittens Rascal and Rosie go trick or treating, meet other trick-or-treaters along the way, and visit a scary house.

AlphaOops! H is for Halloween

Alethea Kontis ; illustrated by Bob Kolar. |

While putting on a Halloween pageant, the alphabet mixes things up with some spooky, and funny, results.

Little goblins ten

by Pamela Jane ; illustrated by Jane Manning. |

Ghouls, goblins, ghosts, witches, and other scary creatures cavort in the forest on Halloween, introducing the numbers one through ten.