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Sliding to the right

Samuel C. Heilman. |

Rebbe - Satmar Rebbe

Meisels, Dovid |

Sacred monsters

Natan Slifkin. |

Letters to President Clinton

edited by Rabbi Menachem Genack ; foreword by Bill Clinton. |

A financial guide to aliyah and life in Israel

Baruch Labinsky ; cartoons by Menachem Jerenberg. |


Hilel Kohen. |

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liady

Immanuel Etkes ; translated by Jeffrey M. Green. |

Prelude to catastrophe

Robert Shogan. |

On the banks of the Suez

Avraham (Bren) Adan. |

The angel

Uri Bar-Joseph ; translated from the Hebrew-language edition by David Hazony. |

Son of Hamas

Mosab Hassan Yousef ; with Ron Brackin. |

The ghost warriors

Samuel M. Katz. |

Madrich l'Chevra Hatzalah

in accordance with the psakim of Moshe Feinstein ; prepared by Mechel Handler and Dovid Weinberger ; foreword by Avrohom Schorr. |

Munich 1972

David Clay Large. |

The last Pharisee;

Foreword by Robert Graves. |

The last revolt,

translated from the Yiddish by Moshe Spiegel. |

L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz

adapted by Michael Cavallaro |

Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime & punishment

illustrated by Alain Korkos ; adapted by David Zane Mairowitz. |

Oscar Wilde's The picture of Dorian Gray

illustrated by Ian Culbard ; adapted by Ian Edginton. |

Red Riding Hood

retold by Martin Powell ; illustrated by Victor Rivas. |

Orthodoxy awakens

Victor Geller. |

The holy beggars' banquet

edited by Kalman Serkez. |

The Get smart handbook

Joey Green ; foreword by Don Adams. |

The Rebbe

Samuel C. Heilman and Menachem M. Friedman. |


Jennifer Keishin Armstrong. |

Who will lead us?

Samuel Heilman. |


Philip Steele. |

The adventures of Giuseppe Pignata,

translated from the French by Arthur Symons. |

Hasidism : a new history

Biale, David, 1949- author. |

American Torah toons

Lawrence Bush. |

Operation Susannah

as told to Aviezer Golan by Marcelle Ninio ... [et al.] ; translated from the Hebrew by Peretz Kidron. |

Defenders of the faith

Samuel Heilman. |

Women who work

Ivanka Trump. |