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Benjamin Franklin

Peter Roop and Connie Roop. |

The story of George Washington Carver

Eva Moore ; illustrated by Alexander Anderson and with photographs. |

A picture book of Thurgood Marshall

David A. Adler ; illustrated by Robert Casilla. |

Lewis & Clark

John Burrows. |

The story of William Penn

written and illustrated by Aliki. |

Who was Franklin Roosevelt?

by Margaret Frith ; iIllustrated by John O'Brien. |

Who was George Washington?

by Roberta Edwards ; illustrated by True Kelley. |

Denzel Washington

Anne E. Hill ; [introductory essay by Coretta Scott King]. |

Five notable inventors

by Wade Hudson ; illustrated by Ron Garnett. |

The boy who loved to draw

Barbara Brenner ; illustrated by Olivier Dunrea. |

Who was King Tut?

by Roberta Edwards ; illustrated by True Kelley. |

Helen Keller

written by Elizabeth MacLeod ; illustrated by Andrej Krystoforski. |